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Luxury guesthouse b&b in BrittanyA very calm property converted into a luxurious bed & breakfast by the sea in Brittany. Close to the most visited sites: Crozon, Brest, Quimper, Roscoff...

Domaine de Moulin Mer, luxurious bed and breakfast (b&b) guesthouse in Brittany – Finistere

Luxury manor house by the sea near a small port in Brittany, France

Les chambres d'hôtes de charme du Domaine de Moulin Mer, Finistère

The mansion was built in the XIXth century following a request by Frédéric Etienne Madec -county councillor and mayor of Logonna-Daoulas during 24 years- according to plans he designed himself.

The manor house is hidden behind centenary trees a few steps away from the port and the coastal path from wich you can discover the magnificent Brest’s bay.

Madec family

The Madec family was one of the wealthiest families in Logonna-Daoulas. At its peak, the family ran various types of businesses: stone and marble quarries (Logonna stones and pink marble in Perros Guirec), fish canning factory, fishing boats (scallops), forge, farms, forests…

The canning factory was built in front of the mansion. It has been demolished nowadays but a few pillars remain.

Luxurious and charming settings for a lovely bed and breakfast in Brittany

Au bord de la mer Domaine de Moulin Mer chambres d'hôtes de charme

The bed and breakfast mansion is south orientated and slightly away from the major roads. A nice feeling of holiday surrounds the area with its sheltered creeks and small port just a few steps away.

Its luxurious park serves as a jewel-case: palm trees are kings and bamboos give an exotic touch to superb oaks trees and magnolias.

The guesthouse has maintained it old charm. Inside the house, luxurious wood is everywhere. It is present on most walls, in the stairways and on the floors. The floors boards where taken from ancient tall ship decks for their beauty and quality.

A night, a longuer stay, lovely vacations in a luxurious bed and breakfast in Brittany France

Au bord de la mer nos chambres d'hôtes de charme en rade de Brest

The bed and breakfast manor house has been entirely refurbished. We take pride in always maintaining and upkeeping our proprety so that you can spend the best holiday in Brittany and in France. Better than a luxurious hotel we offer a dedicated service. Our luxurious bed & breafast in Brittany is well looked after.

The living room, lounge and dining room in our luxurious bed and breakfast in Brittany

Dining room, breakfast and evening dinner

Le salon de la maison d'hôtes de charme en bord de mer

The dining room is part of the large living room. It is located downstairs and this is where we serve breakfast in the morning and dinners in the evening.

The room as a lovely marble fireplace and two large windows opening on the palm trees and roses. Breakfast and dinners are served on individual tables for two people. Upon request, breakfast can be served in some bedrooms and suites with a supplement.

Lounge with antics and collections

There is a nice feeling of beloved family house in the lounge. A charming atmosphere helps you realise that you are on vacations. The elegant marble fireplace is warming up the room with its ancient clock and Napoleon III mirors.

Bookcase and holiday guides

The bookcase is full of books and guides on: Brittany, Finistère, Brest, Quimper, Crozon, Roscoff, Ushant... You can also find maps if you endaveour to visit other destinations like: Saint Malo, Mont Saint Michel, Rennes

You will be able to cool down in the sofas after a nice walk on the near by coastal path.

Stunning park with centenary trees in Brittany

Bed and breakfast and park in Finistere

En rade de Brest, le parc de nos chambres d'hôtes de charme

The park covers is around two hectares. It is completely private and sheltered from others. It is surrounded by an orchard and a small forest. It is full of various plants, flowers and essences: tangerine and lemon trees, mimosas, hydrangeas, roses, camellias, magnolias, rhododendrons, azaleas, olive trees, banana trees…

Palm trees in Brittany

Our bed and breakfast has a palm grove which is unique for the area. About one hundred different palm trees are mixed, some of them being over 10m high and centenary: Trachycarpus fortunei, Phoenix canariensis, Phoenix theophrastii…

En rade de Brest, le parc de nos chambres d'hôtes de charme

A patio with jasmins is awaiting you. During the season deck chairs and garden furniture are at your disposal to relax and enjoy the quiet surroundings.

Stone walls and fish pond completes the perfect holiday picture.

Our bed and breakfast b&b inn is a wild bird sanctuary with the French LPO (French counterpart for Royal Society for the Protection of Birds).

Le Domaine de Moulin Mer est un refuge LPO
Le WiFi est gratuit dans notre maison d'hôtes bretonne