Guide Michelin 2012

OceanopolisThe most visited place in Brittany, Oceanoplis is located by the sea in Brest bay. It has several different pavilions with different fauna and flora.

One day at Oceanopolisis as good as a fantastic journey!

By the sea in Brest bay Oceanopolis aquarium

Oceanopolis is unique in Europe and just one day here is as good as a wonderful tour of the world’s oceans. It boasts over 10,000 animals, 1,000 different species, magnificent films and a whole host of activities to fire your imagination, have fun and learn, with new features that are sure to take you by surprise… Oceanopolis is the promise of an exceptional and emotion-packed day and a fantastic voyage to the heart of the oceans with highlights for the entire family!

In the Temperate Pavilion you can dive in to get a close look at the fauna and flora found along the coast of Brittany. You’ll be able to observe langoustines sheltering in their burrows, admire the brightly coloured sea anemones, keep an eye out for yellow pollocks as they patrol among the kelp, the largest live seaweed in Europe. Seahorses sway on the current while seals perform an aquatic ballet in their spectacular tank. Oceanopolis offers far more than just aquariums: it gives you whole chunks of the ocean!

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